Handcrafted in Canada, comfort is at the core of every Serta mattress. iComfort mattresses combine support, comfort and temperature regulation to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


When your body is cool, it naturally produces melatonin, helping you fall asleep. A lower body temperature must then be maintained in order for you to achieve a deeper sleep and avoid waking up prematurely, or waking still tired.

For a truly comfortable sleep, your body requires cushioning, support and temperature regulation. That’s why Serta’s iComfort memory foam mattress is made up of layers that:
  • Dissipate body heat while helping to regulate your core body temperature as it changes throughout the night.
  • Work to relieve your pressure points by gently contouring to your body as you sleep, providing cushioning and cradling throughout the night.
As your body moves throughout the night, Serta’s foam core is responding. Sleeping on a mattress that is constantly responding to your body has benefits, as it:
  • Provides added support to improve your body alignment
  • Reduces “roll-off” from the mattress' edges, giving you more room to move freely throughout your sleep

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Download your free Sleep Care Guide

Discover The Perfect Sleeper®

We understand that everyone has different comfort needs. That’s why Serta carries a range of sleep care products.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper collection is engineered and designed with input from the National Sleep Foundation to help solve 5 common sleep problems that interrupt a comfortable sleep:
  • Helps reduce tossing & turning
  • Encourages proper back support
  • Promotes a balanced sleep temperature
  • Minimizes impact from partner movement
  • Resists sagging & edge roll-off